"Das Geheimnis des Erfolges ist, den Standpunkt des anderen zu verstehen." Henry Ford

We connect global expertise with local markets!

We owe our specialist knowledge in all key industries to the outstanding cooperation with our customers, the interchange of knowledge throughout our worldwide network and, most importantly, the solution-oriented thinkers at MEGIST.

Automotive and supplier industry

The globalisation of markets and products is a complexity driver in the automobile industry. The manufacturers are facing diverse challenges such as national customer needs, market requirements and the rules and regulations applicable in various countries. Technological development poses an equally immense challenge. The dramatically increasing number of components and electronic parts in vehicles makes for an ever growing product portfolio.

Manufacturers and suppliers are together seeking solutions to accelerate the development of innovative products, to compensate for increasingly shorter product lifecycles, cut costs and collaborate with new partners across the globe.

We help our customers to efficiently satisfy market demand. Strategies are used to specify requirements, describe their implementation and evaluate the costs.

Energy and Utilities

The processes of deregulation, privatisation and internationalisation have plunged the energy and utility industry into a state of flux. Raw material reserves are becoming increasingly scarce and the change this brings about poses immense challenges for companies. The main objective is to be more effective, efficient and innovative in the core business than the competition.

We support you in seizing the opportunities that changing markets creates and meet the challenges ahead. We offer comprehensive concepts for reorganisation and process optimisation. Through our support, concepts - including ones from the automotive industry - can be transferred and introduced into the energy and utility industry. Our aim in providing that support is to optimise the success of all the individual steps in the value chain.


Aerospace technology as part of engineering and traffic systems relates to the development and operation of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and satellites. These systems must be developed and advanced taking into consideration technical, economic and ecological aspects.

Aerospace technology encompasses the structural design of the lightest possible aircraft with an optimised aerodynamic shape, engine and power supply system. The basic equipment's sub-systems have to guarantee function and safety.

We help you develop future-facing strategies at group and division level. Our aim here is to enhance your product quality and cost position over the long term and accelerate the development process.

Consumer goods industry and trade

Only when a product is actually used does it become clear whether it is ultimately consumed or transferred to a production process. This applies in equal measure for both high-value goods or machines and day-to-day consumer goods. Optimised efficiency along the entire value chain can be attained only from a continuously developing strategy and clear positioning.

Manufacturers and dealers, and hence the sales and distribution industry as a whole, adapt to new requirements continuously and flexibly. This places new requirements on commercial enterprises. This means that more high-value products that offer the customer additional benefits and sustainability will be coming back to the fore.

We assist you in the development of new strategies, in global sourcing and in supplier and supply chain management.

Logistics and transport

The role of the logistics and transport industry is to move both people and goods on various transportation infrastructures, such as road, rail, water and air. Rail technology in particular offers a sustainable method of maximising environmental benefits for generations to come.

A logistics and transport concept hinges on systematic thought processes, the creation of a logistics service by coordinating and integrating the individual elements at planning, implementation and control level, as well as the realisation of a continuous information system.

We advise on strategic and operative activities to ensure they are intelligently converted into growth opportunities and competitive advantages. We excel when it comes to improving quality and hence reliability and punctuality through modern quality management.